More Positive Vaping Endorsement From British Lung Foundation

British Lung Foundation

A couple of months ago, MPs announced that there would be an inquiry into the impact of e-cigarettes on human health, into how effective they are as a smoking cessation tool, the financial impact of the growing e-cig market on the NHS and on businesses, and the appropriateness of regulations about their use.

This announcement was welcomed by the UK’s vaping advocates, since an inquiry is the ideal opportunity for greater clarity about the benefits and risks of e-cigs and, with the wider publicity and greater public knowledge of the facts, both policy makers and the public at large will be able to make a more informed decision about whether vaping is the right choice for them.

Evidence And Submissions

Written evidence is already being accepted by The Committee, and more than 80 submissions have already been published. Among them are highly encouraging findings from the MHRA, the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations and Public Health England, with all of the evidence that has so far been provided showing overwhelmingly positive results regarding both e-cigs and human health, and e-cigs as a quit smoking tool.

Now, the BLF (British Lung Foundation) has also submitted their written evidence to the fact finding Committee. Their document supports the use of e-cigarettes, stating that the BLF believes e-cigs to be a excellent addition to the tools available which can help smokers to give up the habit. As part of their evidence, they state that the most commonly cited reason for using e-cigs in the UK is as a stop smoking aid, with 46% of vapers using their devices for this reason. The perceived health benefits of vaping was the second most common reason, with 27% of people giving this as their motivation for using an e-cigarette.

As part of their publication, the British Lung Foundation commended the success of the Stoptober campaign this year, explaining that the initiative had been put in place because of the popularity of e-cigs during last year’s campaign. In exploring the socio-economic divides between non-smokers and smokers, the BLF also made links between these and the boost in successful quitting attempts in recent years. While categorical evidence is difficult to provide to demonstrate that the increase has mainly been because of e-cigs, the BLF’s document stated that the availability of e-cigarettes as part of a wide range of potential quitting methods has been relevant.

The BLF collated research which had been carried out by medical professionals and health organisations and concluded that e-cigarettes were not harmful for human health. Citing the conclusion made by Public Health England that e-cigs are 95 percent less harmful than a regular tobacco cigarette, the British Lung Foundation explained that the range of toxins in e-cigs is significantly smaller and, as demonstrated in a study recently published by Dr Riccardo Polosa, vapers showed no reduction in their lung function over more than three years of investigation, thus they determined that while there may be a small risk associated with e-cig vapour, when compared to tobacco smoke, the risks are dramatically reduced.

Great News For Vapers

This positive submission from the well-respected British Lung Foundation is great news for vapers who are now hoping that this evidence will be taken on board by the enquiry, while smokers who are keen to give up the habit can feel more reassured that switching to vaping is a much better and healthier choice.

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