Reverse Smoking: Is That Really A Good Thing?


A recent trend in smoking cigarettes that’s going on today is reverse smoking. This unusual technique is usually done with a cigar or a hand-made cigarette and the smokers places the lit end inside their mouth. Now as a non-smoker, this writer is aghast with this trend but apparently places like India and the Philippines it is quite common. And it is becoming popular among young people that want to get that a strong nicotine kick.

First Of All – What Is It?

Perhaps you haven’t heard about reverse smoking, but there is a rich history behind this old habit. It is just one more way to partake in smoking tobacco, but it is an old classic way in a day of high-tech electronic cigarettes.

Those who prefer hand-rolled cigarettes over factory machine-rolled are familiar with this technique. You’ll notice those who hand-roll their own cigarettes tend to be a creative type that are always thinking outside the box and coming up with unusual ways to get their tobacco fix.

Ant that is just what reverse smoking is – an unusual way to smoke a cigar, cigarette, or any hand-rolled tobacco leaf product by sticking the lit end inside their mouth. It is just what it says it is – smoking in reverse.

Almost 11,000 people were surveyed in India, the Philippines and other countries where reverse smoking is practiced. The results showed that almost 44% of them practiced this method of smoking! And this method is spreading around to other countries such as Panama, Sri Lanka, and Venezuela.

Is This Dangerous?

Again, as a non-smoker, that was my fist thought! And from what I can tell, it isn’t as common as traditional way of smoke and the motive behind this technique isn’t clear. And it certainly isn’t healthier as there is still connection to oral cancer and other diseases like cardiovascular or pulmonary.

The Big Question is Why?

What is the purpose of reverse smoking? What is the enjoyment? Unfortunately, if you’re a curious person, experts haven’t been able to find out a clear answer. Their speculation is that the nicotine is absorbed quicker, thus providing a stronger kick. No matter which technique you use to smoke, your body will end up absorbing it, but apparently, the younger generation of today find it a “cool” way to smoke.

Are There Risks With Reverse Smoking?

Yes – of course there is. You’re sticking fire in your mouth! This is dangerous practice and it can only increase the risk of mouth cancer. It also increases the risk of tooth loss, leukoplakia, and palatal changes.

Out of 100 people surveyed that practiced reverse smoking, 73 of them developed oral cancer. This included mouth cancer, esophagus cancer, larynx cancer, lung cancer, and even pancreas cancer. And it doesn’t minimize the risk of brain damage or cardiovascular diseases either.

A Safer Technique To Help Quit Smoking?

Absolutely not! There is nothing safe about sticking fire in your mouth, and as we stated throughout this piece, you’re still at risk for cancer and other diseases. If you’re looking for a way to quit smoking, and simply just putting them down and not smoking isn’t for you, then try electronic cigarettes, gum, or patches.  There are many other ways to help you quit and while none of them are 100% safe, they are definitely safer than reverse smoking.


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